Keep these things in mind while getting mediclaim Insurance

प्रतीकात्मक चित्र
By Pradeep Kumar Varshney

Everyone if financially capable should get MEDICLAIM Insurance for him/her or  his/her family for medical exp.

Reimbursement as chances of any of family member of facing diseases like COVID-19 etc. Insurance companies are providing online payment facilities.

While taking medical policy,you should check following:

  1. ✅ Cashless claims and amount
  2. ✅ No. of network hospitals
  3. ✅ Inbuilt OPD amount
  4. ✅ Claim settlement ratio
  5. ✅ Day care procedures
  6. ✅ Room rent capping
  7. ✅ AYUSH benefits
  8. ✅ Tax reduction in sec 80D only if payment otherwise than cash
  9. ✅ Digital claim settlement facility

(Author of this article is C.A. Pradeep Kumar Varshney.He is an Expert of Economics)

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